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Independent Beachbody Online Fitness Coach

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    I'm a very active fun-loving woman that believes that life is for LIVING! I love to hike, white water raft, and many other outdoor activities. Thing is - that I started getting to be slower, had injuries and sometimes just wasn't having fun. 


    Beach Body is part of my journey to get back to healthy and active without reserve. My reason to do this - to continue to write my story as fun living! My reason to work with you - to be part of your success journey!


Let's travel together! 


I use Shakeology each day!


    This is the Ultra Premium Drink that allows me to simplify my nutrition needs for weight loss, optimize my feeing of well being, my health, and increase my energy!  Would love to share a sample of this or discuss my success with you.


    After 17 years at the same gym, I quit!  I workout using Beach Body programs, at home with incredible results!


    I would love to have you join my fitness club too - contact me for more details or check out my page at

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