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Tami Damian

Tami Damian CEO

    Storyteller, teacher, trainer, author, advocate, friend, sister, aunt, wife, and daughter all describe Tami Damian. President of Leadership Education And Development (LEAD Group). Ms. Damian’s passion is helping others find their passion and purpose. Tami has a way of seeing the strengths in others, and then challenging them to utilize and further develop their strengths. She also speaks for those that have not yet found or perhaps have lost their voice. She is a known difference maker in her community, volunteering for the United Way and several local non-profits.

    Ms. Damian is honored to work with major international manufacturing companies, developing their workforce, as the company implements quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety international standards. She is well respected for delighting her audiences with humor and presenting in a clear, easy-to-understand style, making potentially boring subject matter fun.

     Tami has become one of the first 26 in the world to be recognized as a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, with Ziglar, Inc. She is also a Ziglar Certified Coach .  Tami speaks and write in the Life Lessons Learned series. "Life gives us the lessons," Tami says, "it’s up to us to learn them."

    As a nationally certified trainer for Active Parenting Publishing since 1990, Tami has trained hundreds of parents; as well as facilitators. She is an aunt to 9 nieces and nephews and a great-aunt to 25 great nieces and nephews and has 8 great-greats! She is a Certified Workplace Trainer for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace at Work program, helping companies provide a solution based program that changes their employee’s lives!

    Ms. Damian is well respected for delighting her audiences with humor and presenting in a clear, easy-to-understand style. She has developed audience specific training in areas of communication, leadership, safety, International Standards on Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001), Active Parenting parent education and substance abuse prevention.

    Tami has earned a Masters of Arts degree in Management with an emphasis in Leadership from Doane College, Lincoln, NE, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, with an emphasis in Psychology and Organizational Communications from Kearney State College, Kearney, NE. She is an ASTD Certified Coach; and a member of the American Society for Quality. 

     Her volunteer work includes United Way, Lincoln Parks Foundation, and sits on the Board of Trustees for the Lincoln Community Foundation. 

     As an author, she has writings in 4 published books, 2 of those becoming #1 Best Sellers.

     Tami loves people and will look forward to talking about how LEAD Group can meet your organizations needs.

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